How healthy is your lifestyle?

This questionnaire has been designed to take you through various aspects of your health and lifestyle: from weight and eating habits to activity, smoking and stress. From your answers, we will be able to give you lots of feedback about your lifestyle and habits. The idea is not to make judgements, but to give you personalised feedback and then make suggestions of starting points for boosting your health.

Important: The feedback in the report is aimed at adults and is therefore not applicable to children. The advice given in the report may also be less applicable to individuals with medical conditions that require specific diets or exercise regimes, or to individuals who follow specific diets for religious, cultural or personal reasons. All the advice given in our report is evidence-based and in line with Department of Health guidelines for optimal health, but it does not substitute information or advice given to you by a health care professional.


Lifestyle Health check version 2.3       Last reviewed: Sep 2013       Next review: Jun 2016

To obtain information about the evidence sources used in this product, please contact Weight Concern via email ( or phone (020 7679 1853).