Shape-Up Sister

Three Step Activity Plan

  • Step 1: Reduce the amount of time you spend sitting down

    Click here to download a worksheet to help you spend less time sitting

  • Step 2: Increase lifestyle activity

    Think twice before getting in the car or on the bus. Could you walk or get off the bus a stop early?
    A pedometer is a small device that counts the number of steps you take. Aiming to do around 10,000 steps per day will be a great start towards getting fit. Click here for more information

  • Step 3: Do more organised activity and sport

    Get back into a sport you played at school or try something new. See our links for activities in your area or speak to your GP about exercise on prescription.
            Walk Your Way To Health - click here

         TOP TIP
Walking up the escalator will burn extra calories and might save you time.

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