Shape-Up Sister

Body Image

Shape-Up Sister aims to help women feel better about their bodies, increase their self-confidence and encourage them to start living for now rather than waiting until they lose weight. If you are unhappy with your weight, then you are certainly not alone, studies show than an increasing number of healthy weight and overweight women are concerned about their body size. If you are overweight, its easy to think that everything will change if you can be slim. But remember that there are plenty of slim people who dislike their body or think they are fat. Feeling bad about your body can get in the way of developing a healthier lifestyle, having a positive frame of mind can make lifestyle changes seem more manageable and easier to stick to. We recognise that changing the way we think and feel about ourselves is not easy, especially in our society where being overweight is seen as a negative thing.
body image 'Thoughts about my body make me want to give it all up. I want to eat, not for enjoyment, more like punishment'

Do you have problems with your body image?

Society and Body Image
Western society is pre-occupied with physical appearance. We have a narrow definition of attractiveness.
Western ideals tell us that:
slim v overweight
Cultural Differences
Many of the Shape-Up Sister participants acknowledge that, in many parts of the world, being ‘bigger’ does not carry such negative meaning. For example, in Nigeria fatness shows maturity and feminity and in some Caribbean communities, big women are seen as being beautiful and strong. Shape Up Sister recognises that we all have different ideal body shapes and sizes and it is unrealistic to have a one size fits all approach to healthy living. We can all benefit from eating a healthy diet and doing regular physical activity, what ever our body size.

'Some Black men do like a fuller figured woman' Esther, 29 'When I go home to Jamaica, everyone has a good time on the beach. But here? No way would I go to the beach or get into a swimsuit' Colleen, 48 'Even though my family say I look good, I feel bad because I am large, especially when I have to do something like travel in a plane- the seats are not big enough' Bernice, 40
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