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Dairy Foods
Milk and dairy foods are necessary for bone and dental health. These foods contain calcium and vitamin D which are essential for healthy bones and teeth. Some people think that these foods are most important for growing children but milk and dairy foods are just as important for adults too. As well as helping us maintain healthy teeth and bones, calcium is also needed to help our muscles move and to regulate our heart beat.

Milk and dairy foods also contain vitamin A which is essential for healthy skin, hair and eyesight and vitamin B12 which is needed to develop healthy cells and to help the nervous system function. Milk and dairy foods are an excellent source of protein as they contain all the amino acids (protein building blocks) which helps the body to repair and build new cells.

How much calcium do I need?
3 servings of dairy products or calcium fortified alternatives per day e.g. soya milk will provide enough calcium for a healthy adult.
calcium servings

Some dairy products can be high in fat so try to choose low fat, here are a few tips to help make healthier choices from this food group
  • Choose skimmed or semi-skimmed milk instead of full cream
  • Choose low fat condensed milk and avoid sweetened versions
  • Choose low fat yoghurts and check the labels for added sugar

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         TOP TIP
Soya or rice milk can be a healthy alternative to dairy
milk glass
Choose varieties with added calcium for maximum benefit.

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