Shape-Up Sister

Gaining Control of Your Eating

Peopleís perceptions of their eating differ. Some people donít perceive themselves to over eat or are not preoccupied with eating. However, there are people who not only think they over eat or binge, but also have complex emotions about their eating.

Shape-Up Sister aims to help people who have a problem in controlling their eating and who feel distressed by their sense of lack of control around food. In order to gain control over your eating we must understand what happens when things go wrong, how to deal with it, and how you can make sure you keep on track in the future.

The first step in gaining control over your eating
For most people episodes of over eating begin after they start dieting, and for some dieting and over eating alternate, does this vicious cycle apply to you?

The vicious cycle of dieting
Cycle of dieting
1.Before you can deal with over eating, it is essential that you get into a regular eating pattern.

This is the first step in gaining control of your eating
2. Already eating regularly?

Get help to deal with over eating

Mother and child
'I remember the days of dieting, each morning I would decide not to eat much that day, but by 5.00 I was so hungry, I would eat and then end up eating all evening.'
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