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"Now that I am eating breakfast I can work much better in the morning and I'm not hungry until lunch time"

eating breakfast
3 Step Healthy Eating Plan

Step 1footprint
Keep to a regular eating pattern. This will help you to:
  • Stop eating at the end of your meal
  • Less likely to think about food in between meals
  • You won't need to resort to high fat snacks in between meals. More information about keeping to a regular eating pattern
Step 2footprint
Get a healthier balance of foods
  • Choose most foods from the 'starchy foods' and 'fruit and vegetables' section
  • Have smaller amounts of foods from the 'protein' and 'milk and dairy' group
  • Have tiny amounts of 'fatty and sugary foods and drinks'. More information about getting the balance right
Step 3footprint
Cut down the quantity
  • In order to lose weight you will have to cut down on the quantity of foods that you eat
  • Don't heap food on your plate (except for vegetables)
  • Think twice before having second helpings.
    More information about portion sizes
eating normal food
"I have battled with my weight for years, now I can finally eat normal food and not feel guilty about it"

Whether you eat 2 or 5 times a day, the important thing is to stick to a pattern and try to eat at roughly the same time every day

A healthy eating plan means eating more of some foods and less of others. You don't have to give up anything completely.

To help control the quantity of food try eating from a smaller plate and ensure that you put a generous portion of vegetables on the plate 1st

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