Shape-Up Sister

A healthy lifestyle programme for
women who want to: Get healthy!
Get fit! Lose weight! Feel Great!

Welcome to Shape-Up Sister !!
Shape-up Sister is a lifestyle programme that can help you manage your weight, improve your health and improve your quality of life.

What makes Shape-Up Sister special?
Shape-up Sister is not a diet or an eating plan. And it is not just about weight loss. It is a psychological approach to managing eating and physical activity over the long term.
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Family Meal

Healthy Eating Habits

Research has shown that people who eat meals at the table are more likely to focus on the amount of food they eat and so are less likely to over eat.

Why not try and sit down at the dinner table for a family meal.

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Keeping Motivated

Making changes to your lifestyle can be hard work, but once these changes become part of your routine you will hardly notice them.

Make sure you set yourself SMART goals and celebrate success as you go.

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