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Buying lunch when on the go or at work. Making your own lunch can save you money and time as well as being a healthier option as you have complete control over the foods you eat. We asked some Sisters on the Shape-Up healthy eating plan how they ensure they have a healthy lunch.

Here are a few tips to help
  • Choose a whole grain, granary or seeded bread
  • Avoid mayonnaise and butter spreads in sandwiches
  • Add a yogurt and some fruit to your lunch
  • Aim for 2 portions of fruit and/or veg with you lunch e.g. piece of fruit and side salad
  • Take some fresh or dried fruit as a snack to help curb your hunger

Top Tip

Look for the following information on labels of sandwiches.


Less than 6g fat
less than 280kcal

Did you know?

1 small can of pineapple in juice is ideal for lunch boxes & 2 rings counts as one of your 5 a day

Tinned Pineapple

"I make a sandwich the night before when I am doing the kids lunch. I used to have butter but now I use a low fat spread on just one side of the bread, eventually I won't use any"

"I always eat lunch in the canteen, if there's not much to choose from then I'll get a jacket potato with beans and a low fat yoghurt"
"I'm never organised enough to make my lunch the night before so I buy lots of salad and vegetables on my way to the office on Monday. I keep it in the fridge to make salads or add to sandwiches throughout the week"
baked potato
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