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Serving Size: How Much
Should I Be Eating?

We all need to eat different amounts of food and drink, depending on your body weight, age, gender and level of activity. Feeling hungry is our bodies way to telling us that we need energy. However, in an environment where we are surrounded by food many of us eat when we are not hungry or eat more than we need to satisfy our hunger. Feeling 'stuffed' or 'uncomfortable' after eating is probably a sign that you have eaten too much.

Supersize: Save the pennies and gain the pounds (on your waist)
Larger portions may be value for money but they can make it difficult to manage your weight and stick to a healthy diet.
  • Don't be tempted by deals that encourage you to buy more food than you had planned
  • Choose small or child size portions where possible
  • Stop eating when you are full, even it's healthy food
  • Share large portions or ask to take extras home
See more, eat more
Research shows that some people consume more when given a larger portion. Here are a few tips to help you take control of the amount you eat.
  • Breakfast Instead of pouring your cereal use a tablespoon (x3) to serve up your cereal and use a small bowl
  • Lunch Avoid triple pack or 'deep filled' sandwiches and don't be tempted by meal deals offering extra items for a little more money
  • Main meals put your vegetables on the plate 1st and make sure they take up at least 1/3 of your plate and avoid eating from over sized plates
  • Snacks try buying 'mini' or 'snack size' packs and avoid eating from king-size or extra large packets, instead pour a small amount into a bowl
  • Drinks feeling thirsty is sign that your body needs fluid, water is the best drink to quench your thirst and has zero calories
Link: Weighing up the foods

Buffet Fever

Being around lots of foods can make it difficult to stick to a healthy eating plan.

lots of food

If you are hosting ensure that there are plenty of fruit and vegetable dishes and limit the amount of fried foods and snacks available.

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