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Keeping to a Regular
Eating Pattern

Keeping to the same pattern of meals every day will help to ensure you don't get too hungry and that your body can learn when your next meal will be due.

Following the same pattern is a very important part of dealing with over eating. However, if you haven't eaten like this for some time, or if you have, it will require effort.

How to start eating regularly
Keeping a Shape-Up Sister food diary will help you find out if you keep to the same eating pattern each day. It will also help you to identify at which times you find it difficult to keep to the same pattern.

Smiling woman
'I thought doing shifts would stop me from eating regular meals, however, with a bit more planning it was possible'

Download blank regular eating diary for you to complete

3 reasons to eat breakfast   eating breakfast
  1. First thing in the day your body needs energy to get going.
  2. People who don't eat breakfast miss out on vital nutrients.
  3. Adults who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight than those who skip it.
regular eating food diary example
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