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As well as keeping track of your eating and activity, Shape-Up Sister's SMART goals are a way to help you make changes to your behaviour. SMART goals help people achieve a goal they set themselves by breaking changes down into small achievable steps.

SPECIFIC- Set a specific rather than vague goal
e.g. I will eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day

MEASURABLE- Try and give a clear way to assess if you have achieved the goal
e.g. I will exercise for 30 MINS

ACHIEVABLE- make the goal realistic - not a new years resolution you will not stick to e.g. I will eat 1 small bar of chocolate/ day

RELEVANT- Make sure the goal is relevant to you.
e.g. If you are a vegetarian, don't have a goal to reduce meat

TIME-SPECIFIC- set yourself a specific time frame and after this time review your progress
e.g. will walk to work every day and check progress in 2 weeks

Download blank SMART goal for you to complete

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