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Takeaways can provide a convenient and quick meal. You may not think of yourself as someone who eats much takeaway food but many of us buy lunch, the occasional meal on the way home or a treat at the end of the week. Eating takeaways frequently can make it very difficult to eat healthily. High fat foods, large portion sizes and meal deals can make it easy for us to consume more than we need. However, takeaways can be part of a healthy diet if eaten occasionally (no more than once a month), choose your foods carefully and balance other meals to account for any extra calories. For example, if you choose a high fat takeaway for lunch, you should balance this with a light low calorie evening meal or if you choose a fried food such as chips, try to have a low fat main, such as grilled chicken or fish.

Fried chicken shops
If possible choose grilled chicken and low fat side such as sweet corn or barbeque beans.

fried chicken

Some outlets now offer salad, but beware of high fat dressing or salads in mayonaise such as coleslaw

Try to avoid fried starters such as bhajees, poppadoms & samosas
Indian Food
Choose dishes cooked without coconut milk or ghee. Dahl is a good high fibre choice and tandoori or tomato based dishes are usually a lower fat choice

Try to avoid deep fried foods such as prawn crackers, spring rolls, spare ribs and fried rice.

Chinese Food
For a lower fat Chinese, choose a stir fry with vegetables and steamed/boiled rice or noodles

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