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Traditional Foods

The black community in London is diverse because people have migrated from all over the world, especially from Africa, the Caribbean and South America. Even within the same country, traditional foods vary depending on the region, tribe or religion and in most cases include a mixture of different influences. For many people traditional foods bring back fond memories, with some recipes being passed down through generations.

Most of our diets are a combination of foods from all over the world. We have put together some information to help you enjoy traditional dishes from West Africa and the Caribbean as part of a healthy balanced diet.
woman with bananas
"I lost weight on a diet of traditional Jamaican food by eating less and cutting down on the oils and fat"

Did you know?
Okra is popular with steamed fish in the Caribbean or used for okra stew in West Africa. Also known as 'lady fingers' this tasty vegetable is an excellent source of fibre and calcium.

Local markets
Local markets often sell a range of vegetables and fruits from Africa and the Caribbean. Seasonal produce is often cheapest.

         TOP TIP
Porridge is popular breakfast in the Caribbean.
Use low fat milk and a sweetener instead of sweetened condensed milk to make this nutritious breakfast even healthier.

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