Shape-Up Groups

Weight Concern has run several Shape-Up guided self-help support groups, with a facilitator to keep the group on track and encourage everyone to participate. These meet for one and a half hours once a week, for eight weeks and have been very popular.

Weight Concern's priority now, is to develop the facilitator training of health professionals and volunteers, with an aim to increase the number of groups delivered around the country. We have successfully delivered training to a number of NHS - Primary Care Trusts who have been able to set-up Shape-Up Groups within their local health care services.

If you would like more details on Weight Concern's Shape-Up facilitator training, click here.

Click on the document below to read more about the 'group experience' from people who took part:

The Shape-Up Group Experience - download pdf

Case Studies - How Shape-Up is being used

Click here for a summary of ACE's (Anglian Community Enterprise) annual report on how they ran their Shape-Up groups. If you have ran and evaluated Shape-Up groups, please contact us.

What Camden participants say about the Shape-Up Programme

'The Programme is fantastic because it stops you thinking about being on a diet and instead makes you focus on making healthy choices for life'.
'Thanks for all your hard work and motivating words during the Shape-Up Programme... I learnt a lot... I feel much healthier, definitely have a better diet, and am losing weight slowly but pretty constantly - it's amazing how, although it's only a little bit each week, it eventually adds up. I've lost 26.2 kilograms in 10 months, which is 4 stones and 1 pound! When I first started walking during the Shape-Up Programme it meant a nap in the afternoon when I got home. Now I do a 10-15 mile walk, get home, do the shopping and the cleaning and all in all feel much better for it!'
'The group sessions were great, highly supportive and the time just flew past'.
'After just two sessions, I changed the way I thought about what I was eating, and by 3 I had made significant changes which I have stuck to'.

Feedback from other Shape-Up Group participants

“I have seen too many people lose weight and then after all the hard work put it back. Shape-Up is better at addressing the whole matter and I would recommend it.”
“The group format worked well and everyone was drawn in which was particularly good. We had a good mix of members.”
“Shape-Up has given me the incentive plus a good grounding in how to achieve and maintain my goal. A big thank you.”
“The Shape-Up programme with its focus on changing eating patterns and eating healthily has been just what I've always needed.”
“Thinking of this as a permanent long term change to my lifestyle has really helped - things are going to happen slowly, but that's OK.”
“Meeting up with a group of supportive ‘Shape-Uppers’ who gave such positive feedback and helpful suggestions and ideas has been the key for me.”
“I wish I'd done the program years ago and would highly recommend it to anyone. I know I'll have a few lapses but I hope to keep with this healthy eating lifestyle for the rest of my life.”
“I found the sessions to be truly inspiring and motivating. This was the first time that I have discussed my dietary habits/food-related issues within a group and I found the experience to be positive.”
Download extra Shape-Up diaries, goalsheets and weight record sheets here

Shape-Up Groups running around the country

Are you running or taking part in a Shape-Up group? Please let us know and we can add your group's details to this page -
Camden Active Health Team
NHS Lewisham
Newham Carers Network - 020 8519 0811

Shape-Up groups operate in the Plaistow/Beckton area - email

ACE (CIC) - North East & Mid-Essex
West Sussex - Bersted Green Learning Centre, Bognor Regis

If you're interested, come along to one of the free open information sessions which will take about 40 minutes. Please contact Jackie Barlow directly on 01243 822771 or 07766147773 or send her an email: