Shape-Up Sister

How can Physical Activity help me to Lose Weight?

Weight gain occurs when the energy (calories) we take in from food and drink is more than the amount we use up in daily life. Although some of us may find it more difficult to lose weight, the key to weight loss is the same for all us; the energy we burn through activity needs to be greater than the amount of energy we take in through food and drink. This is sometimes called negative energy balance.

Weight loss occurs when energy expenditure is more than energy intake (see diagram below). Roll your cursor over a food in 'energy intake' to see how many calories this food contains. Then roll over an activity to see how much energy you will burn doing this activity for 30 minutes* the answers may surprise you!

To lose weight you need to:

tickTake in less energy (change your eating habits)

tickUse up more energy (increase your levels of physical activity)
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Energy input
38 kcal
Energy input
fried chicken drumb
stick - 160 kcal
Energy input
can condensed milk
567 kcal
Energy input
chicken flavoured
crisps - 181 kcal
Energy input
white sliced bread
103 kcal
Energy input
stuffed pepper
81 kcal
Energy input
French fries
573 k cal
Energy input
Salad bowl
24 kcal
Energy output
121 kcal
Energy output
140 kcal
Energy output
90 kcal
Energy output
Climbing stairs
200 kcal
Energy output
161 kcal