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Shape-Up Sister participants often say that social occasions like family parties, meeting up with friends or religious holidays can present big challenges when trying to stick to a healthy eating plan. As in most cultures, food has tremendous social meaning. Sometimes it can be a challenge to enjoy social events if you are not eating the same amount as everybody else. Food and eating should be enjoyed. However, Shape-Up Sister has come up with a few ideas to help you eat as healthily as possible while you are out:
  • Before going to a party, repeat to yourself that the point of a get together, is to see family/ friends
  • Set yourself a goal to spend time catching up with everyone you know before you start eating
  • Try to have a healthy snack before the party so you are less likely to nibble on nuts and crisps
  • Ask for a light alternative. For example a wedge of lemon rather than salad dressing
  • Ask for your plate to be taken away as soon as you've had enough, so you are not tempted to pick

Refusal skills, practice saying
'No Thanks!'.

People worry about saying no because they think it could be embarrassing or cause offence. If you are offered some food that you do not want to eat, maybe just politely refuse it, or ask if you can take some home and try it later.


'I have always enjoyed socialising, but have taught myself to order the healthier option when I go out- also, I avoid drinking more than one or two glasses of wine'

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