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Snack foods can help curb hunger while you are on the go or be part of a healthy eating plan. As there are so many different snack foods on the market it is important to plan your snacks ahead as special offers and temptation can make it difficult to choose something healthy. There are lots of 'healthy' and 'fat free' snack foods on the market but be sure to compare the fat, sugar and calories on the labels for buying.

Aim for snacks with less than 3g of fat and less than 8g sugar per portion

Coupl with bowl "I don't buy any biscuits so the temptation is not there. At first my husband was complaining but now he snacks on the fresh fruit too"
Woman with doughnut "It was the apple and not the doughnut that helped me to shift the weight"

Less than 100 calories
1 small pack twiglets
Diet fruit yoghurt
1 piece of fresh fruit
Diet milkshake
Small box of raisins
1 slice fruit toast
Handful of small fruit e.g. grapes, strawberries
Low fat hot chocolate (made with water)
2 plain bread sticks


Pack a piece of fruit in your bag to work or keep some healthy snacks in your desk to help keep you going

Woman with apple

150-200 calories
1 slice Jamaican bun
2 whole wheat crackers with 1oz cheese
1 current bun
1 small pack plain popcorn
1 small tin of fruit in natural juice
3 table spoons of Wholegrain cereal with low fat milk
Small pot (150g) low fat rice pudding or custard
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